How We Got Started : A Story of Two Novelists

What seems like a lifetime ago, a very short-lived show aired on the old WB network. As often happened in those days, a fan forum was created online for the television show that quickly grew near and dear to our hearts.

It was within that forum during the run of the series, that we discovered many similarities in our writing styles and in the way we interpreted the characters. We began writing fanfiction together and following the show’s untimely demise were both still so involved with the characters that we didn’t want to let go of the spark, that magic.

Part of the reason we worked so well is because even though we have different views and values on some things – we are both able to bring new, interesting, and challenging ideas to the table. We spent hours every available evening writing fanfiction, but gradually realized what we had created was so much more.

We experimented with our own set of characters, describing a family, giving them full names, nicknames, extended family members, likes and dislikes…We wrote about them at various ages and stages of development as well.

It amazes us how the Riccoli family developed from two young women mourning the loss of a very short-lived television show. They are now thriving characters, full of life and their own ideas. We know and love them like they are our family.

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