Drinkin’ It All In–What’s in that Smoothie?

When Francesca and Evan Riccoli moved into their new Bay Ridge building to open Riccoli Deli with their two-story aparment above, they knew they needed something special on the menu. Something to honor each of their children as Evan went about his day in the Deli.

At the time of their move, Jennie was only two years old and her love of juice paved the way for the creation of the menu item that matched each child’s name or favorite juices and fruits.

Evan and Francesca picked Jennie’s favorite fruit, peaches, and combined it with lemon-lime juice, which went very well with her name. When her first Jennie Lemmy smoothie was served to her, Jennie asked for seconds!

Hannah’s smoothie came about first from a child nickname given to her by a family friend, and it was combined with one of her first favorite fruits as a toddler—strawberries. They topped it off with orange juice, giving their finicky toddler a good dose of vitamins when she drank it!

Melanie is known in the Riccoli family for being a huge fan of berries. She likes them in her cereal, her pancakes, her muffins, or just simply to snack on. Her smoothie is a perfect display of that berry love – strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries mixed with delectable concord grape juice.

Lily’s creative concotion was made using one of the youngest Sorelli child’s favorite scents, the same vanilla flavor she’d get a whiff of every time they visited a bakery or cooked dessert at home. The sweet smell paired well with apples and apple juice, making her smoothie very much like her personality.

Evan and Francesca pour love into everything they do – cooking, running the Deli, and raising their four daughters. These smoothies are a symbol of their parents’ love for their children.

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