“Our” Characters, Ourselves

As you all know from reading our novels, each member of the Riccoli family is precious and unique in their own ways which is what makes the characters both true to life and fun to write! It certainly doesn’t take one long to figure out which Riccoli you enjoy more or who you believe best personifies you. We as writers feel the same.

Even though we pour our love into all our characters, we both have “our” characters, if you will. Each of us is the voice and heart behind three Riccolis, and even though we may exchange family members every so often, we definitely have that one Riccoli we identify with and enjoy exploring the most.

For me (Emily), that character is Hannah. Hannah Margaret Riccoli is a sensitive soul but can also be sweet. She can be quite temperamental too, in certain stages of her life which is why I was very drawn to her character. Not completely angelic she is far cry from being devilish but does have her moments where, when readers get caught up in her actions, may often gasp at the things she says and does in the heat of the moment!

For me (Erin), that character is Melanie. A spunky, sensitive, curly-haired middle sister, Melanie has definite ideas about what she wants out of life – but doesn’t always know exactly how to get it. Her sharp wit often mirrors her sweet sensitivity. Melanie is a girl of many layers, quite like her creator!

We both often draw on personal experiences and in character, can either tone down or embellish an actual moment in our lives based on the circumstances and ages we are penning which is what makes it so enjoyable. We can be the characters we love but in a new light, drawing on moments we have had with fresh eyes and a personality that can be tweaked depending on the mood we’re in that night.

Evan, Francesca, Jennie, and Lily help bring life to Hannah and Melanie and are very enjoyable to explore as their own characters. We are still learning new things about our beloved Riccolis every day, which means you will be too!

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