Writing a Classic : How Family Bonds Started

Sometimes writer’s block can be a beautiful thing. Most of the time, when we begin writing we at least have somewhat of an idea of what we want the story to be about and where we want it to go. There are those odd times, however, when after an hour or two of bantering back and forth story ideas that either one or both of us isn’t feeling or just absolutely hates – that we will decide to just free write, just start because otherwise we go to bed writing nothing at all!

Free writing can be a phenomenal process because even if we don’t get a novel out of the time, we have the creative juices flowng and the wheels are in motion for a future masterpiece. Sometimes, however, the magic arrives when we don’t even realize it is happening.

Sometimes, something new and completely unanticipated hatches out of that free write – an actual story. Not a little 2-page ficlet, either. A full-size novel with actual plot points, formed by one of us saying ‘Oh, what if we did this with this, we could take it here…” This is how Family Bonds was born.

Born from a random free write style and boredom but born, no less! Family Bonds was created in such a manner that it exploded into such a tale of drama, cuteness, family love and togetherness.

Family Bonds continues to hold the proud title of longest novel we have ever co-written. All of our novels have many hours of love, care, craft, and chocolate poured into them – but all we have to do during a bout of writer’s block is remember Family Bonds. It is possible.

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