Mean Girls: The Inspiration Behind Alyssa

Every school has at least one. You all know who she is. The extremely popular, but extremely snobby girl. Probably blonde, the girl turns heads everywhere she goes. Some hate her. Some love her. Everyone knows her name. At St. Agnes Academy in Brooklyn, this girl is Alyssa Hutchins.

Alyssa prides herself on being beautiful, proud, and wealthy. She has everything handed her without question or argument. She receives money, clothing, jewelry, and vacations just for getting out of her enormous canopy bed in the morning! Imagine what she receives after eating breakfast or brushing her teeth?

This real-life princess façade has many other girls, like Hannah Riccoli, thinking their lives would be so much cooler if they could have what Alyssa does. One of the things Hannah learns throughout our series is that just because Alyssa seems like royalty, and gets rides to school in a limo and a new TV every Christmas she is often very superficial.

Girls like Alyssa may seem as if they are getting it all but they are only getting what they want. A child needs to have what they need. What Alyssa has in material possessions she lacks in tenderness and love. While almost comical sometimes and even occasionally mean in the way she acts and speaks, it is mostly sad that Alyssa is the way that she is.

Alyssa, and girls like her, often are very sad and hurting inside. They generally come from permissive, sometimes dismissive, parents. They are mean to other girls because they, themselves feel like their world has abandoned them. Hannah eventually comes to learn how fortunate she is. The Riccoli girls may not get everything they want, but they all know they are loved and cared for and that’s what matters.

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