Riccoli Deli: In the Beginning

Evan Riccoli always had dreams. Dreams of family. Dreams of serving up good food, good cheese, and good conversation. Before Evan opened Riccoli Deli back in 1976, he worked as a chef in an Italian restaurant. Then one day, as he and Francesca took a drive with their two-year-old daughter, Jennie, they passed a for-sale sign.

It was the place Evan had dreamed about for years. He pictured his deli on the first floor, bustling with happy, hungry customers, and his family residing directly above his work. It was a match made in heaven, much like his marriage and soon he and Francesca were signing the paperwork on the building.

Two-year-old Jennie’s favorite part about her new home (beside the fact that Daddy now worked downstairs) was the cheese counter in the Deli. Thus started the tradition of Riccoli daughters hurrying downstairs to grab a cheese snack or stopping through after school to see if there were any slices of their favorites.

The Riccolis settled into their new life, enjoying every minute of the home and business they called their own, eventually adding three more daughters into the fold. Evan considers himself quite a lucky man, indeed; lucky in love, wealthy in success, and rich in love.

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