Creating Interesting Characters

When we create characters we want more than just a name on a piece of paper. We want to feel as if the Riccolis are real people, real enough to sit on the couch with you and me. We lovingly give each of our characters personalities, quirks, passions, and dislikes. We know our characters inside out, and that is a very important part of writing.

The Riccolis must be real to us so that they in turn, become real to you, the readers. We want each of you to learn about our characters in such a way that you identify with some part of them, a piece of their puzzle that makes them genuine and engaging.

Jennie Riccoli is the eldest daughter in the family. Her eyes are hazel like her grandfather’s and her birthday is in March. That is only part of who Jennie is, however. Jennie loves tigers, the color green, and is infatuated with The Muppets – most especially, Kermit the Frog.

She is practical, level-headed, and matter-of fact. She has the same protective nature as both of her parents, always looking out for her younger sisters and her closest friends. Jennie is a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, and a trusted confidante.

Jennie is polite and considerate. Her parents told her from a very young age to always say please and thank you. One of her “lines” then became to ask: “May I have a cookie, please and thank you?” It is lines like this and Hannah’s “That was the best day ever!” that helps create unique and fleshed-out characters.

We strive to make each character a person, unique as you and I and with many gifts to offer each other.

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