Inspiration. It is what drives us to do, create, discover, and imagine. Inspiration can come from many sources, people, places, and ideas. When we are writing, we are creating a rich childhood world, full of cute quotes, teenage drama, and monsters under the bed. We would not be able to write about such in-depth child characters without inspiration from the children very close to our hearts. Our nieces and nephews.

It is through these children and teenagers (some even adults now!) that we find what we are searching for as writers. Story. Snippets of trials, tribulations, joys, experiences both good and bad, in this whirlwind of days called life. We have watched these people learn, grow, and change in such remarkable ways that writing makes it concrete to our readers.

Erin’s nephews, Noah, Charlie, Jacob, and Ethan; and niece, Chloe, are part of the reason she continues to write, that she continues to be able to create in-depth, loving characters. Erin wants to be sure her nephews and nieces don’t lose sight of what is important in this world full of screen time and youth activities. Family, creativity and free play – all three very important to the Riccoli family.

Emily’s nieces and nephews, consisting of now adults Sean, Brian, and Melanie; teenagers Emily, Shannon, Nicholas, Katherine, and Ryan, as well as her ‘younger set’ nephews and niece, Michael, Shaylie, Scott, and Wyatt, provide her with a multitude of age layers to portray in writing, showcasing the values that our Riccoli family still clings too even beyond childhood.

Inspiration, it’s what drives us, and it’s also what leads us to discover what our passion is. Writing, books, and writing about and for children. Teaching our nephews, nieces, and family friends good life lessons. Sharing stories, entertaining, and inspiring our readers. This is what E&E Novelists is all about.

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