The Write Space: Our Ideal Creative Mode

For a writer, it isn’t as simple as just sitting down and spewing words onto a blank page. It takes creativity, ideas and energy. It also takes just the right environment to make a writer most productive. This environment is different for every single writer.

Tranquility is key, as is a certain calm to the evening, knowing that all the daily hassles of running around, working, chasing errands is complete. Clear head helps creativity flow.

Erin’s ideal writing space is a place that is calm. Not silent, but with gentle white noise in the background. Sitting in a cushy seat with the laptop and a soft blanket to make it cozy. A cup of tea and some after-dinner chocolate is just a bonus. Some writers are able to write in a bustling environment, but Erin feels too distracted and stressed out to write well in that kind of space.

Emily craves solitude after long days dealing with others. It’s a necessity. Most writing nights include background music but not all.

Being introverts helps both of us be completely comfortable being alone to write. Even with someone else on the other end of the computer, the mutual calm is part of what drives both of us to create and inspire. Writing is our passion and it’s important to nurture passions and give them room to flourish.

It also helps to bring out our emotions in writing as it forces us to create works based on what we are both feeling, dealing and seeing around us, contributing to the works you can read today!

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