Francesca Riccoli: An Interview

Time to hear a few words from our Riccoli matriarch, Francesca, and all about what makes her tick, her family and her life’s ups and downs.

How old are you today, June 1, 1990? I turned the big 4-0 in April!

Who is in your family? My handsome husband, Evan, and our four girls.

Choose five words to describe you. Chef, creative, intuitive, confidante, and authoritative.

What is your favorite food? My mom’s pasta recipe, with her homemade sauce. I follow the recipe religiously for my own children. Our sauce is a secret family recipe with the perfect blend of spices.

What is your idea of a perfect day? It depends how my children are behaving! I always cherish special family trips to the beach or the playground. I also love going out to dinner sans-children with Evan. Once in awhile, it’s nice to not have children squabbling over the main course and begging for dessert!

What are your favorite hobbies or obsessions? I enjoy reading, shopping with my sisters, and times with my daughters that I know will change as they grow. As for current obsessions, I am a bit of a crossword puzzler in the evenings.

What is your greatest fear? Losing those closest to me.

What is your favorite childhood memory? When my little sisters were born; I especially loved the first time I became a big sister and can still remember my big sister bear I got from my parents.

Who do you most admire? My mom. She raised four girls, too, and made it look so easy. I struggle every day to be half as amazing as she is. She’s inspiring and her love, generosity, and traditions are the center of our entire family.

What are your biggest values? Loyalty, selflessness, and confidence.

What is your biggest secret? My sisters call me “the secret keeper,” not “the blabbermouth.” That’s Emilia!

What does your bedroom look like? It’s a very light blue color, almost gray-blue, and very welcoming, with soft fluffy comforters and pillows on the bed—the plusher the better! I love being able to unwind in my cozy bed.

What is your favorite room in your home? The kitchen. One of the best parts of my day is cooking a nutritious meal for my girls. They like to do their homework at the table and listen for their Daddy to come home. His arrival signals my favorite time of day – family dinnertime!

What is your biggest pet peeve? Injustice and unfairness in the world. I just wish everyone could be happy.

Thank you, Francesca! Join us next week, for an interview with the eldest Riccoli daughter, Jennie!

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