Jennie Riccoli: An Interview

Hello, readers! Tonight we continue our interviews with eldest Riccoli daughter, Jennifer “Jennie” Francesca Riccoli. Sit back with your beverage of choice and get to know more about Jennie!

1) How old are you today, June 1, 1990? I’m sixteen; it is pretty sweet so far.

2) Who is in your family? My parents; Evan and Francesca, and my three younger sisters; Hannah, Melanie, and Lily.

3) Chose five words to describe you. Loving, patient, trustworthy, helpful, friendly

4) What is your favorite food? Spaghetti with Italian sausages and roasted peppers. My mom is an amazing cook and she’s been teaching me.

5) What is your idea of a perfect day? Being with my friends, spending time with my sisters, reading my favorite books

6) What are your favorite hobbies or obsessions? I love to read. I love learning about all things, but especially science and history. I really want to be either a doctor or a lawyer, so I’m also obsessed with learning all I can about those professions.

7) What is your greatest fear? My greatest fear would be being unable to help someone I love if my family needed me.

8) What has been one of your favorite memories so far? The days each of my sisters were born were my best three days. When Lily was born, I was old enough to understand what was happening and it got a little scary, but meeting her and being able to teach Melanie, and Hannah, how to be big sisters like me is both fun and frustrating at times!

9) Who do you most admire? People who follow their dreams

10) What are your biggest values? I value friendship. Abby and I have been best friends since Kindergarten and she’s such a treasured part of my life. I value family, books, learning, and education. I value kindness and compassion for others but also knowing when someone needs a gentle reality check!

11) What is your biggest secret? I am not sure I have any…hmm, I’ll have to think about that some more.

12) What does your bedroom look like? Hannah and I share a bedroom. The walls are turquoise—a compromise between my favorite color, green, and her favorite color, blue. We each have half of the room. My half has my dresser and bookcase and night table – all filled with books! I try to keep my side of the room tidy (not hard when compared to Hannah’s side!), but I have so many books that my dresser top and nightstand also must serve the dual purpose of extra book storage! My bed is hard to get out of in the morning – green sheets and pillowcases, a warm quilt, and of course, my stuffed tiger!

13) What is your favorite room in your home? My bedroom, where can I have my own space but have my family too, if invited. They’re usually invited.

14) What really annoys you? Ignorance. I love helping people learn, but those who really don’t want to take the time and initiative for themselves are really frustrating.

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