Hannah Riccoli: An Interview

Happy Friday the 13th, readers! Where we both are, it is rainy and the perfect evening to settle in for an interview with Hannah, the second daughter of the Riccoli clan.

How old are you today, June 1, 1990? I’m almost thirteen; the waiting is the hardest part.

Who is in your family? My parents, my awesome big sister, Jennie, and my annoying little sisters, Melanie and Lily.

Chose five words to describe you. Fun, happy, nice, smart, and creative

 What is your favorite food? Pizza- the more cheese the better!

What is your idea of a perfect day? Sleeping late, shopping, eating out and definitely chocolate for dessert.

 What are your favorite hobbies or obsessions? Shopping, going to the mall with my best friend, Alyssa, gossiping about cute boys, and hiding my diary from my kid sisters. When I was little, I loved the Care Bears, and I still have my collection on a shelf in my bedroom.

What is your greatest fear? Rejection and dying I guess. No one wants to have no friends or die.

 What has been one of your favorite memories so far? Well I’ve had some almost fun times but they usually get interrupted by my overprotective parents so I’ll say vacations because we don’t get a lot of them and we usually have more fun in three days than we would being home all week.

Who do you most admire? Mark Paul Gosselaar is so dreamy. I’d love to gaze into his eyes over an ice-cream soda! I also admire my big sister, but sometimes it’s hard to follow her footsteps.

What are your biggest values? I dunno…being nice to people, I guess.

 What is your biggest secret? I keep a fake diary full of boring stuff so Melanie can find that one and not get my real locked up one. Don’t tell her that.

What does your bedroom look like? It’s blue and green with two twin beds. Mine is the one closest to the windows with light blue sheets and a patterned blue and white quilt. I share a room with Jennie. Her side of the room is as neat as a pin and mine is…not. My mother tells me to organize and I tell her it’s organized chaos! I know exactly where everything is…usually! As long as I can find my bed, it’s all good.

What is your favorite room in your home? Anywhere I can use the phone in private, which is hardly ever.

What really annoys you? Melanie, my parents, snoops and having to wake up in the morning.

We hope you enjoyed that little peek into Hannah’s world. Join us next week for an interview with Melanie!

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