Lily Riccoli: An Interview

Last Riccoli interview, readers! Enjoy and please let us know if there are any additional questions you’d like to ask the Riccoli family. Maybe they’ll be answered someday. Tonight, we invite you to get to know the littlest Riccoli, Lily Isabella.

How old are you today, June 1, 1990? I’m this many! *holds up three fingers*

 Who is in your family? Mommy, Daddy, Jen-Jen, Hannie, Melly, Kitty (my stuffed cat) and Kelly (my doll)

Chose five words to describe you. Silly, funny, kissy, huggy, and cute!

What is your favorite food? Chocolate ice-cream and cookies!

 What is your idea of a perfect day? Um, jumping on the bed and pulling the covers over Melly’s head *giggling madly* and then skipping outside and riding my trike!

 What are your favorite hobbies or obsessions? (What are your favorite things to do?) I like to play with my kitty and I like to feed Kelly, my baby. I like to ride my trike and go outside and to the park on the swings! My favorite part is when Jen-Jen pushes me really high! I really love helping my Daddy make cheese and my Mommy make cookies, too!

What is your greatest fear? I’m really afraid of the dark. It’s scary.

What has been one of your favorite memories so far? Well, one time when it was really rainy outside so we had to stay inside, Mommy let me, Melly, and Jen-Jen make a cake! It was so big and we colored it and put frosting on it! I put so much frosting on it, Mommy thought I would be sick. I didn’t get sick, though! Hannie didn’t make the cake. She was on the phone.

Who do you most admire? Is admire love? Well then my whole family!

What are your biggest values? (What is the most important to you?) My family is the most important! But, kitties and animals and babies and cheese and chocolate, too!

What is your biggest secret? I know that Melly took Hannie’s diary but she pinky swearded me to not tell. Uh oh! *both hands clasped over mouth* Don’t tell on me; Melly will be so mad at me.

 What does your bedroom look like? It’s purple! I really wanted pink more, but it was already purple when I was borned. I got pink on my bed, though, and Kelly’s crib is pink, too!

 What is your favorite room in your home? My room because it has fun stuff like my toys and my baby doll and my blankie that my Mommy made and Kitty! And my bed. I like jumping on it when no one can see.

 What really annoys you? (What really bothers you?) When no one will play with me! Sometimes Jen-Jen and Melly are doing their homework and Hannie is on the phone and Daddy is in the Deli and Mommy is cooking dinner and that means Kelly and I have to play all by ourself!

We hope you enjoyed the interview segment of our blog! Tune in next week for another weekly post.

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