The Write Mission

Having a mission matters. A mission is what drives us human beings to do what we do. It’s a path to an end goal, whatever your goal might be. Tonight’s blog post will touch on both of our missions as writers and what we hope readers take away from our work.

I (Emily) hope that what readers take away, primarily, is a feeling. An emotion, any emotion that can cause a reader to feel what the characters are feeling is one of the most important aspects of understanding the motivation of a protagonist.

My (Erin’s) mission is to inspire children, young adults, and others in their quest to learn, discover, and create their places in the world they live in. I strive to inspire children (and others) to be creative, to learn, to never stop exploring and discovering their world, and themselves. I hope readers take away a sense of family and good values from our works, but also a sense that they, too, can be creative. That they, too, can ask questions and discover new things.

Books can be quite a form of escapism, a way to slip away from the harsh realities of life even for just a short time. And that time is precious.

Books open up worlds to explore and discover, and both of us have loved to read since we were very small. They also inspire passion and creativity. Have any of you ever stayed up late because you couldn’t put a book down? Finished the entire thing in one weekend because it was so good? We strive to do the same in our books and also teach our nephews, nieces, family friends, and others to love books as much as we do!

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