Stressed Out!

Everyone gets stressed out! All of a sudden, everything seems to be going wrong, everyone is demanding your attention, and there are five million different things to do. Everyone has different ways to deal with stress, and Emily and I wanted to talk about how we ourselves and how the Riccoli family deals with stress.


Emily: I don’t deal with stress very constructively at all. I get aggressive, avoidant, lash out or seethe inwardly at the slightest inconvenience. This is typically not the best way to help stress but it is certainly different than the day to day anxiety ridden self I’m used to being!


Erin: Dealing with stress is a challenge for me. Some of my tried-and-true ways of dealing with a stressful situation are journaling or writing, talking with someone, playing Minecraft or another mindless game, watching television, or taking some time to myself and going for a walk or meditating. Then I can come back to the problem with fresh eyes. Of course, there are still the times where I just feel like tearing my hair out instead!


Stress is a time consuming evil.


Stress also makes for a good foundation when telling a story. Stressful situations lead to drama, which no good story is without!


Drama and stress in writing is an amazing combination. Storyline stress makes for fantastic scenes which highlight each character’s own stress style.


Evan and Francesca Riccoli are both normally very even-keeled, which helps in the daily parenting of their four young daughters. The Riccoli family life is very stressful, typical of a household of six!


When Mom and Dad can be understanding yet firm, discipline flows fairly well, considering the overload of female hormones in the home. Jennie Riccoli is responsible, respected, and when stressed, most often still can be emotionally stable. Hannah Riccoli is much less structured when it comes to emotional upheavals and can brood excessively, emotions running the gamut.


When curly-haired, fiery-tempered Melanie is stressed, watch out! Her words are sharp and she wears her heart on her sleeve. She often turns to her parents and sisters for comfort as well as her beloved plush rabbit.


Lily tends to bounce back most easily but can still find it difficult to contain her concern for worrisome stress she faces in her young life.


The theme of family that we hold through all of our stories is vital to stress relief. Because they have each other, the Riccoli family finds relief from stressors more easily and are more able to acclimate to the daily rigor that is life.


Tell us in the comments how you deal with stress!

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