Let’s Discuss! Part One

Good evening, readers! (Or whatever time of day you’re reading this!) We will be touching on some discussion questions tonight. If you have any questions you think we should discuss, leave them in the comments!

Is writing easy for you?

Emily: In a word, yes. Writing has always been a craft that came naturally to me. I recall writing my first “book” at age seven, entranced by the pull of storytelling. It was an enjoyable escape.

Erin: Yes and no. It comes easy when the words fly out of my head and onto the page. It comes easy when I can visualize in my head exactly what needs to be said and how to do it. Then there is that infamous “writer’s block.” There are times when it rears its ugly head and I cannot write a single thing. I write one sentence, delete it, and write the same sentence. I delete that sentence and write a completely different one. I delete it and write the old sentence. It’s a vicious cycle that rarely ends well.

Do you feel lonely being a writer?

Emily: I don’t feel lonely as a writer but I do often feel misunderstood as if many do not understand the ‘pull of the pen’ or the times when I absolutely need to get my words out on paper. It’s as if writers are a different breed of human. Creativity, though, for me is exhilarating.

Erin: Absolutely not. My rich inner world makes me feel surrounded by deep, personable characters who come out in my writing. It helps that three of my good friends are also writers. We can bounce things off each other if we get stuck. Not to say that I’m not lonely – but it’s not because I’m a writer.

Do you try to write without expressing your own opinions?

Emily: Yes. When I write, I am writing as the character in my head, and that person, while integral to my identity, is not ‘me’. I try to give a new voice to each story, each persona, because everybody and every character is different.

Erin: For the most part, yes. All my characters are unique and have their own values and opinions which make for a well-rounded story. However, there are some lines I won’t cross because of personal opinions – but I don’t go out of my way to be obvious about it in my writing. Unless, of course, I’m writing my solo blog posts!

Thanks for tuning in, readers, and we hope you like our new blog layout!

-Erin and Emily

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