By: Erin Rose Hennessy

So, yesterday, my laptop died. Actually, I am not even sure it’s dead, but the screen won’t light. I can hear the thing turning on. I can hear as it boots up, but no familiar blue glare from the screen.

Usually this would have elicited screams of horror and frustration. We all know what that feels like. Back before I had a tablet (Older Nephew calls it an iPad. It’s actually a Nook tablet), even before I had a smartphone (I waited am embarrassingly long time to procure my first and only), my laptop was quite literally my life.

Lately, however, I don’t feel as attached to worrying about whether my laptop is working or not. I’m sure this is partially, heck, mostly, due to the fact that I can still write on my tablet and apparently my phone. I can still contact the outside world, via messenger or text.

The other reason, though, is because I have been trying to find time to unplug. Step away from the screens. Do a puzzle. Read a book. Go for a walk. Enjoy the outdoors with my nephews. I think having time away from screens, especially in our technology – heavy existence, is crucial. Don’t forget some of the best things in life are right outside your door.

I’ve been saying for at least a year: “Once that laptop kicks it, I’m not buying another.”

I have two other forms of screens, three if you count the television. I’m looking into a smart keyboard for my tablet or maybe just getting a new one with a keypad. I’m a writer, but I’m also an adapter. I learned to type in my grandparents’ back sun room on their ancient typewriter. I’m now typing this on my cell phone. How times have changed!

Can you go without your screens? What’s your favorite off-screen activity?

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