Twenty Things You Don’t Know About Us!

Erin: My phone is pink. I’ve nicknamed it “PIPP” for “Positively Indestructible Pink Phone” because it has already fallen out of my pocket while I was biking, bounced off the rear tire, and hit the pavement. Face down. This happened twice. Didn’t break either time.

Emily: I’m terrified of squirrels. I once jumped a fence, scraping my entire right leg just to get away from ONE. They’re rats with tails. Eww.

Erin: I’m not afraid of dogs, but I do respect their space. When I was little, I was terrified of them since my sister, cousin, and I were attacked by our neighbor’s two pit bulls.

Emily: I have seen every episode of Law & Order, SVU, and can still recite the opening sequence verbatim. I could watch it on an endless cycle forever and never get tired of it.

Erin: My absolute favorite television show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I know every episode by heart. Most of my friends have been warned not to insult the JossGod  (Joss Whedon, creator) in my hearing range or be brought up on war crimes.

Emily: A high percentage of people who meet me already assume I’m a bitch.

Erin: I respect people who can keep a clean house, although messy clutter doesn’t bother me like filth does.

Emily: I trust Chinese astrology more than the average person.

Erin: One of my biggest pet peeves is people crinkling chip bags excessively as they are eating them. It’s like nails on a chalkboard.

Emily: An iced venti one pump vanilla nonfat Starbucks latte is liquid happiness to me.
Erin: Dark chocolate is endorphin-filled bliss! I need at least two squares a day or I can’t function.

Emily: I became an aunt at age 12.
Erin:  I didn’t get a smartphone until my 32nd birthday. Once my mom and dad had them, I decided my little red flip phone was no longer sufficient. I still had to teach them how to operate their phones.

Emily: I have run 6 half marathons.
Erin: My parents divorced when I was eight.

Emily: I will only eat ice cream if it is Brigham’s.
Erin: My name has many cute variations uttered by young children. Ee-in, Ay-in, Reh-rin, En-in, Eh-in…but my favorite is still what my then toddler cousin called ten-year-old me: Ernie. He said it “Ah-nee,” but the nickname stuck for awhile!
Emily: I am a savant when it comes to dates. I remember every birthday, anniversary, date that matters to me, family, friends, old classmates birthdays, their children’s birthdays, etc.
Erin: I forget everyone else, but I will always remember meeting or knowing a child.

Emily: Nobody understands the enigma that is me.

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