We’ve all experienced loneliness. Sometimes, we just feel better being around people. Even introverts like us can be lonely. One of the most common misconceptions surrounding introverts is that we hate people and don’t want to be around them. This of course, isn’t true. Human beings just like extraverts, introverts get lonely, too!

Loneliness is different than having alone time. Loneliness is an ache in the heart, a pain in the gut. It’s a deep longing to feel needed in a certain way that doesn’t require servitude. 
Loneliness is more than just “I get the house to myself tonight!” or “I took myself out to lunch!” Those things are planned, eagerly anticipated and enjoyed. Alone time is always a good thing for everyone, but there is such thing as too much “me time” and that I think is when people begin to feel lonely. They watch others jet off to exciting places, post about their adventures on Facebook, and boast about their weekend activities, and think “How come I’m not asked to join these kind of things?”

A lot of times, it’s assumed that those who crave alone time must be hermits, mustn’t like to spend time with others. That couldn’t be further from the truth! The same pull to enjoy solitude is also the same one that wonders why inclusion seems so foreign. Time is fleeting and in a world filled with regret, it’s nice to feel connected.
So, we challenge you, readers! Look for that lonely person in your life. The one who seems very quiet and easygoing, but you realize you don’t actually know a lot about them. Unlike those who tell you about their every waking moment, these people rarely have some great adventure to share. Talk to them! Invite them over! Invite them to go out somewhere! You will make their day bright just by showing that you care about making sure they aren’t lonely and forgotten!

Smile at them, ask them for lunch, for coffee, for a walk. It means more than you realize. Let us know too. We want to hear about your good news, your kindness. It just might change your mood, your day. It just might change you!
Share with the world, ask them to share with you, and then share your stories of how you combat loneliness in yourself and others.

Make the world a friendlier place and you just may change the world.

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