Inspired to Write

Often people who find out about writers ask the common question: Where do you find your inspiration? It comes from a wide variety of sources but for me (Emily) it’s generally family including children in my family as well as random people I meet during the day. You never know when you may find yourself in something I pen.

Erin finds inspiration everywhere. In a walk to the park, in a conversation, in a news article, and even in her daily work with small children. She used to carry a journal with her at all times to fill with story ideas, creative blurbs, scenes she saw in her head, and quotes she liked. Now, with the invention of the Smartphone, she has an entire app dedicated to writing down her ideas and inspiration.

Inspiration can come from some odd places, too.

What helps Emily find inspiration is to personify characters with attributes of people I know, admire, and want to explore. It’s fascinating to create something that you can ‘see’ in your mind’s eye.
Inspiration isn’t just something that is found or thought. Inspiration for us is lived, dreamed, experienced. And it seems like a shame not to write all those ideas down and show the world that there is still good there.

And while inspiration can feel euphoric it is also sometimes frightening, maddening and tragic. It strikes when you lease expect it and that is both a blessing and a curse.
Sometimes, it strikes right in the middle of a big work chore or while you’re grocery shopping. A time when we want to drop everything and write right this second. And by the time it’s time to write, sometimes some of the edge has worn off. But sometimes it hasn’t and that’s when we’ve struck gold.
The magic happens when you mix in all of that ‘gold’ with created characters and a rock star story that blends seamlessly into the vision you imagined.

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