Anniversaries, Birthdays, and other Importants

By: Emily Eileen Moreshead

So I’m a “date” person. No, not that ‘single woman always looking for a fling’ type but “date” as in actual day of the year. I remember everything. I suppose it’s part of the reason that I like elephants. I never forget anything. People don’t usually understand the depths of my impeccable memory until they’ve witnessed it though. To this day I have former coworkers asking me to recall an old patient’s name or the date of a child’s birthday. It’s a gift.

It’s also amusing because while I am a date person I am not a numbers person. I grew up hating math in school and nearly flunked algebra. I’m not a history buff either. Where does this come from, you ask? No idea. I’ve always been in tune though with life’s events and that could be the reason. This does not run in my family either. But I still will send cards to friends who have long forgotten my own special dates but because I cannot forget their birthday, anniversary, child’s birthday, I feel compelled to remind them that I don’t forget. I think it’s important. It’s just nice to remember that your friend’s nephew celebrates turning ten on a specific day and to acknowledge it. It’s sweet to send a ‘thinking of you’ text on the anniversary of a death or other tragedy. It’s nostalgic to recall the first time I ever ran a half marathon.

I feel lucky that these things stay in my head and it makes me happy to find joy in the little things because if you knew me, you’d know that it is extremely difficult for this pessimist to stay positive. 😉

Moral of this blog? None really but I suppose as I think on it now, the moral is to be more involved in the lives of others. Remember things about them that will make them feel special and loved. We are all connected and when we acknowledge the complexity of other people, we can be assured that we will have a deeper understanding of ourselves. Or at least I hope.

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