5 Years Strong!

Anniversaries are amazing! They seem to creep up on us and remind us of a specific time in our lives that can often seem so distant during recall. But celebrating an anniversary is a wonderful way to focus on the reasons why, when, how. We founded E&E because we wanted to continue our craft but also expose ourselves to the world. The writing world, the social media world, the world outside ourselves.

Five years ago, we decided we needed to share our talents with the world. We have known each other for over ten years, and have co-written many pieces together, but starting E&E was the first step in showing the world what we are capable of creating.

Creativity is a gift and unwrapping it every day gives us the opportunity to gift some of ourselves to our readers. It is a milestone we cherish. In broader terms, ‘anniversary’ reminds us that while the days are long, the years are short.
Five years ago. To some that seems like a lifetime and to others, it doesn’t seem long at all. Five years ago, Erin’s youngest nephew wasn’t even born yet. She was an assistant teacher and lived in a different apartment. A lot changes in five years, and we enjoy watching the change through our writing as well.

It’s a treat to read through older novels and writings and marvel on how much the characters we write have changed but also how much we have changed, both personally and professionally. E&E strives to be the kind of company that lives through our readers through time, distance, and writings.

Looking five years into the future, we also have big dreams!

We anticipate penning greater novels showcasing a wide variety of emotions; (dramas, tragedies, joys, life!) blogs that become more introspective, questioning, and involved, and hopefully a book contract.
But more than anything, we want to grow as writers, learn as readers, and imagine as creative beings

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