A Few of Our Favorite Things

We all have favorite things. The things that make us really excited when we think of them.The things that make us drop everything else we’re doing in favor of. The things that make us smile the biggest and our hearts beat the fastest. Here’s some of our favorite things!

Favorite food?

Erin- My favorite meal is tacos, but if I had to pick one favorite food it would be chocolate. I don’t care that it’s junk food!

Emily: I love pizza but I also enjoy making grilled shrimp. 

Favorite color?

Emily: The color blue is my most favorite because it is calming, serene, and the hue of a picturesque sky on a summer day.
Erin: I love the color green. It reminds me of nature and of Ireland (which is where my family is from!)

Favorite animals?

Erin: I love rabbits and bears. I think my spirit animal is the bear, but I love the cuddliness of bunny rabbits.

Emily: I think panda bears are the cutest bars of fur alive.  But I also love elephants for their smarts and impeccable memory, which is something I have as well. 

Favorite time of day? 

Emily: Evening, when I can unwind as my days are often too stress-filled to think.
Erin: Evening as well. I love settling in for a good meditation after dinner and then unwinding with tea, some chocolate, and writing fiction or blog posts!

Favorite season?

Erin: Fall. I love the fall colors and Halloween is awesome.

Emily: I adore summer mostly because you cannot beat the perfect temperature. 

Favorite subject in school? 

Emily: I loved spelling and English when a young child, and drama when I was teenager because it let me explore various dimensions and characters.
Erin:I loved English and any class where I got to write, like creative writing. I also had a special place in my heart for Geography class.

Favorite restaurant?

Erin: That’s a tough question for me, because I love a lot of restaurants. One of my favorites is a place in my town called Brasa, which has amazing meats and jalepeno spinach!

Emily: I enjoy one of the neighborhood haunts in my city, an Irish Pub called Corrib. They have the freshest fish in town, grilled favorites, sandwiches, and comfort food. 

Favorite quote? 

Emily: ‘To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world.’
Erin: “Don’t judge. Everyone is fighting an invisible battle.”

Favorite television character?

Erin: Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

Emily: Stefano DiMera, portrayed by the late great Joe Mascolo, Days of our Lives.   

Favorite activity as a child that you still enjoy today?

Emily: writing. It helps me discover more about me.
Erin: Storytelling and going for a swing at the playground.

What are some of your favorite things? Tell us in the comments!

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