Recognition, I barely know you.

By: Emily Eileen Moreshead

I’m clearly the type of person people want in their life. I will do anything for someone I love. That, however, often leads the other people in my life to walk all over me, take advantage of me, etc. While I don’t let people get away with treating me like dirt, I am very controlling, pessimistic,time-consumed, and orderly. All of these attributes make it more difficult for me to just say no to something that I know other people are just as capable of doing, BUT…I also know that they won’t do it in the time I deem acceptable.

If this is confusing to follow, apologies. I know it is.

I like being generous but sometimes it wears on me when I am always the only one giving and everyone else is receiving. I think that maybe once a year, it would be sweet if someone was nice to me without explanation.

This happens to me at work to, because I hate to leave things unresolved, pending, and “someone else’s problem” if I can do it myself in the moment. This often causes me to never get a break or even a lunch hour before my mind is strictly on the task at hand all the time and won’t stop until I’m done or whatever it is I’m working on is complete. Add to this that my last real vacation was in 2006.

This happens at home too and one would think I could get a great night’s sleep from all of this. But sleep evades me too, my brain always turned on and worried about the next catastrophe at hand. I worry enough for a lot of people but that’s only because I feel like I can handle it. Sometimes though, it would be nice to hear a thank you for something that now most often feels like I’m expected to do, because without me it wouldn’t get done.

That’s all. Sorry for the rant but if you know someone like me in your life, please just tell them that you are grateful for what they do for you. It just makes it feel better.

Thank you.

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