By: Emily Eileen Moreshead

So I woke up this morning feeling much better than yesterday. Tuesday, I suppose and no longer the dreaded Monday. Granted I worked all day with a headache so that didn’t make it better. The start of the workweek is just so much more difficult than the rest of the days, generally speaking.

Is it because I am forced to get up early and be ready even though most weekends I’m up anyway?

Is it because I can’t drink my coffee in the quiet sunlight of my kitchen, instead having to suck down a latte at my desk?

Is it because everything seems so harried on a Monday morning?

Or is it me? I’m trying to force myself to gain some positivity. It’s extremely difficult for me. I’ve always seem the glass half empty, but I’m trying. I’ve also been told that I have RBF, which is code for ‘resting bitch face’ and perhaps that is why everyone who comes in contact with me thinks I’m angry or upset. Most times I’m not. I’m just me. Today is Tuesday so I am more content than yesterday plus my headache has subsided so yay!

But the ‘resting bitch face’ issue is not new for me. I have been told by others that when they first met me, they thought me to be cold and distant, scary and angry, which is slightly amusing to me. I chalk that up to being a Scorpio though. I don’t see myself this way though at all. I am a kind, sensitive, anxious soul who does like order and for things to be the way they’ve always been, but I am in no way frightening. I am constantly thinking, a process that takes my mind in a zillion directions all the time so possibly the distraction is part of RBF but I’m still uncertain. I see things in creative ways, especially when I imagine real life situations and circumstances written on paper. It is intriguing and amazing to me all at once!

So while I don’t have an answer for RBF syndrome, rest assured that it is just one more perception of me that isn’t what it seems. Goes to show you that you can’t ever judge a book by its cover. I am approachable, just understand that some days are trickier to navigate than others. But that’s all of us. That’s life. That’s…Monday.

Think about it.

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