Break Time!

By: Erin Rose Hennessy

Notice how busy our world is?

Everyone is always rushing! Rushing to get out the door in the morning, rushing to the store, rushing to a meeting, rushing after their children, rushing to get to yoga class, rushing, rushing, rushing….

There are days (like yesterday) where I have spent so much time rushing and so much time doing everything that needs to get done that by the time I actually sit down on the couch for some Parenthood I have been go-go-going for twelve hours or more. 

Everyone needs breaks and everyone can get overwhelmed with so much chaos and confusion in their lives. This INFJ/HSP definitely relates to that! 

Part of my healing lately is realizing the importance of taking a break. From everything. Once in awhile, don’t go to work – take a mental health day. Once in awhile – have the groceries delivered. Once in awhile – skip that yoga class and improvise at home. “But that’s wrong!” You say. “My boss will have a fit! My friends and yoga will miss me! I have to make sure the pears are just right!” It’s hard for me, too – but breaks are an essential part of life. I do not recommend what happens when one neglects their own needs. I did it for far too long and am still noticing the effects.

Next week is going to be a long week for me at work. My co-teacher will be taking a much-deserved break herself. Good for her! She needs it! But, knowing that it will expand my workload for a week, I know how important it is for me to delegate tasks and take breaks from other parts of my life. 
My favorite ways to take a break are having some tea, doing a meditation, going for a walk, or watching a TV episode or two to unwind. My solo blog posts will be taking a break, too! I’m going to hop on the nine-to-ten hour day (hello overtime!) gravy train and my solo blog posts will be back on April 4th.

How do you like to take breaks?

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