Writing Prompt #1: Days as People

Photo from The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

By: Erin Rose Hennessy

As I sit here at my friend’s place, we are having a writing afternoon. I started out with a very different writing prompt, which didn’t go in the direction I wanted it to go. So, I started again and found this writing prompt:

Describe each day of the week as if they were people.

Challenge accepted!

Sunday: Sunday is a planner. Sunday is calm. Sunday is wise – Sunday knows the Monday’s storm is coming and battens the hatches. Sunday is an introvert. Sunday loves long nature walks and time to be introspective. Sunday is that wise older relative that you tell your problems to. Sunday is a Thinker, and likes to look out at the rest of the week like something to be conquered. Sunday can look at a situation and know instinctively how to fix it. Sunday is who all of us aspire to be, but only a few actually are.

Monday: Monday is a hurricane. Monday is a wild, untamed, excitable being who rushes into life and the world with reckless abandon. Monday has no cares. Monday is very happy, but Monday is an airhead. Monday likens itself to the lions at the zoo. Monday is spontaneous and full of adventure. Monday worships chaos. Monday is an expert schmoozer and extremely charismatic. Monday charms the pants off everyone, but only the wise can see through the façade. Monday cares about what’s happening right now and is in the middle of it all with beer goggles.

Tuesday: Tuesday is gloomy. Tuesday lives in the shadow of Hurricane Monday. Tuesday feels lonely and left out, as Tuesday isn’t as appalling as Monday, but isn’t as “exciting” as the other days. Tuesday likes to cuddle on the couch and watch some television. Tuesday is “let’s do some extra chores” night or “let’s get some laundry in.” Tuesday likes to draw and write, but doesn’t like to share them with the world. Tuesday is an introvert, but is Thursday’s best friend and that makes Tuesday feel better. Tuesday wishes and hopes, but the horizon feels too far off.

Wednesday: Wednesday is a happy camper. Wednesday likes to chat with friends and go to yoga class. Wednesday is thrilled to be hump day and makes sure everyone knows its all uphill from here. Wednesday is an optimist who suggests maybe ordering in a special hump day lunch or going out for drinks after work with a few friends. Wednesday feels special because the weekend is equally far away, so it’s Wednesday’s job to make sure the day is fun – and Wednesday can’t wait! Time for a long family bike ride after work! It’s hump day!

Thursday: Thursday is a quiet anticipation of the weekend. Not quite here yet, but will gladly sit and drink tea while we wait. Thursday looks forward to both chores and fun for the weekend. Thursday cheers up best pal Tuesday and they enjoy television and maybe a quick walk around the block. Thursday is an artist and a window-watcher. Thursday is content and cheerful, but also quiet and introspective. Thursday takes the ups and downs with a grain of salt because there isn’t much week left. Thursday rolls easily with the punches, but isn’t as hypervigilant as friend Sunday.

Friday: Friday is bubbling with excitement and not quiet. Friday is cracking jokes. Friday is excited for the weekend and has let some work slide to “save for Monday.” Friday likes parties, dancing, and wine. Friday is the night-life and wants to boogie. Friday’s brain is on the weekend and it’s raring to go! Friday is the center of attention and one of the most popular friends around. Friday is the here and now, and to hell with worrying about Sunday, or worse, Monday. Friday has somewhat of a superiority complex.

Saturday: Saturday is quiet enjoyment. Whether at the beach, at the park, running errands, or just sipping a quiet cup of tea, Saturday is contentment at the very core. Saturday enjoys being in the moment. Saturday loves the company of family and friends, but also loves quiet afternoons at the local library. Saturday loves to learn. Saturday loves museums, plays, concerts, and poetry readings. Saturday soaks up wisdom and experiences, without worry of things to come. Saturday is probably the happiest of them all.

Now for my next challenge – a week of long, long days. Wish me luck! 

What are your favorite days of the week?

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