By: Emily Eileen Moreshead

So I was watching an old episode of the critically acclaimed television drama ‘Sisters’ the other day (1991-1996, recently bought it on DVD!)and I was struck by a few things. There is a quote in there that states this:

“The men in your life may leave you, Children grow up, parents pass away. The only ones who are there for you, From cradle to grave, Are your sisters.”

It’s a heartwarming sentiment really. But is it true? I believe it is even though most days it doesn’t always seem this way.

If you don’t know, I grew up with five sisters, 4 older and 1 younger. I am very close to my youngest sister as we were the babies and only 2.5 years apart in age. The next oldest before me is five years, eleven months my elder, the other three even older. That age gap definitely made a difference when I was a child but today when all of us are in our thirties and forties, it matters less.

While not very similar in personality¬†and with very different lives, I always adored how television dramas like ‘Sisters’ and ‘Charmed’ (1998-2006) portrayed the sisterly relationships, all warm and fuzzy with the caring and love well evident in every scene.

It’s why I love writing the type of family-oriented “sister” stories that make me feel like everybody has their own “protective posse” and that readers know that they will never be alone with characters such as those created by novelists, storytellers, and “imagin-eers”.

I feel lucky to have sisters.

Do you have sisters? How does having one make you feel? Share with us.



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