Nature Walk

By: Erin Rose Hennessy 

I recently had a day off on a gorgeous April day, and decided to hop on my bike and ride across the mighty Mississippi and visit a river-side park on the other riverbank.

I love walking in and enjoying nature, whether alone, with a good friend, or with a few small charges. 

This park is in a naturally restored “oak savanna.” Before my city was built, this was it’s natural state. Their goal was to create an area of natural central Minnesota habitat. I think they accomplished it beautifully! 

When I first walked into the park, the trails jutted out in different directions. So many areas to explore!

A view of the river is a staple for a Mississippi valley park, especially when trees are beginning to bloom!

Walking so close to the bluff’s edge made this girl relieved there was a fence! I’m always struck with the immensity of the river, but also how calming it is!

I also found a spot where a tree was growing right around the fence! A classic example of nature meets humankind. Part of the reason I love places like this is humans respecting and existing peacefully with nature. 

I had packed a picnic and enjoyed my lunch by the river before I biked home. I  need to go back to this park in the summer once blooms and greens are abundant!

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