Emotional Gamut

By: Emily Eileen Moreshead

Name one random memory from your childhood that instantly puts a smile on your face. Name another. Now, remember something that recently made you feel melancholy, or the last fit of anger that crept up into a rage. It’s not difficult for most of us. That’s a good thing! Emotions are always memorable, even more than facts because feeling something wakes up a sensation in the soul unlike the feeling the get when you recall facts, numbers, names, and the like.

As a writer, it is often difficult for me to turn my creative juices on and off at will. They come and they go but when they do arrive, the emotions tied to that creativity really seem to drive my focus in unexpected and remarkable ways. For example, as I carried on my mundane work at my predictable office job today, I couldn’t help but be transported by a sudden surge of ideas, thoughts, and feelings that were directly tied to my latest in-progress story.

It was exhilarating to feel so sharp, powerful, and amazing just because my thoughts and emotions were taking control. It can, however, be an upsetting unpredictability considering that because I was at work, I couldn’t devote all of my current focus to what was swirling around in my head. I wanted to, though! I wanted to just stop and feel what my mind was telling me so I wouldn’t forget it later. Thus the magic of a pen!

While I do not consider working a “desk job” a luxury, it proved beneficial today because I was able to jot down ideas, outlines, scene possibilities, and random thoughts felt before my mind began to slowly store away the creativity for a later time.

I try to focus each day on tasks, lists, helping everyone and getting everything done and on time so while the unpredictability of sudden surges of ‘pen power’ can be a bit frightening, it is also liberating to me. I am thrilled that the thing that means the most to me still excites me after all of these years because writing enhances myself. It helps me see me for who I am and to comprehend that my feelings and ideas are an extension of the deeper soul within, what lurks beneath the surface of Emily.

Not many people see that side, the window into my love of creating. I am thankful that despite the hum drum of life, I can still count on myself to treat me well, to know what I need when even I may not know.

What emotions do you think help you shine?

Let us know and thanks for reading! emotions

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