Neighborhood Reads!

By: Erin Rose Hennessy

Our neighborhood has joined parts of the country – and even the world – in installing Little Free Libraries around. I think I started seeing these about 5 years ago. The idea is to bring a book that you’ve finished, that you don’t want anymore, or that is cluttering up your already-stuffed bookcases at home. Put a book in and if you see one you like, take one out.

I love this idea. As most readers know, I love books, writing, and the written word. I love paperback books, the way the feel in my hands when I’m reading. Think of the inspiration to read, even for those who wouldn’t normally – because they can’t afford books or they have no access to them.

These little libraries are holding so many vastly different worlds. Each just waiting for someone to just walk by on the sidewalk and pick up a book. The above photo is the library at our neighborhood elementary school. It was empty mere hours before until someone posted on social media that they needed new books. By the time I walked by, it was already 1/3 full! More reads for the kids! 

Eventually – when I have a house and a partner and a couple of adorable, curly haired children (because we know my kids are going to have curls) – we need to have a Little Free Library. And a cherry tree. And a garden.

Are there Little Free Libraries near you? What is your favorite read that you’ve picked up from there?

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