By: Emily Eileen Moreshead

Do you collect anything? Since moving last January, I have scaled back A LOT on my former collectibles I could never live without but still, a few remain. I like hourglasses and have more than a couple that I have been saving since my ‘obsessed with Days of our Lives’ days going all the way back to 1993. Other than that, I have always been a fan of elephants (trunk up btw!) and panda bears. They’re just adorable! But why do I collect?  I am certain that there is a psychological aspect to this but for me I believe it comes from my small part of obsessive compulsive disorder and a need to control what I like.

But it’s also just fun! When I look at my favorite things I feel happy which for an adult, doesn’t often happen. It makes me feel like I can come home after a hard day’s work to me. A part of me that no one can erase even if the collectibles were to be taken away from me.

It is great to also see my five days away from three-year-old nephew enjoy what I enjoy.  ‘I like pandas too, Emuuly!’ he will say to me. ‘Play them with me!’ And now I’m melting like a puddle of auntie mush on the floor.

It’s amazing too as you get older to come to the conclusion that it’s not what you collect that’s important, it’s the way the things you acquire make you feel. Not to say that buying things are important but memories are! Collect them. Never let them go. Keep imagining. Keep believing. Keep enjoying.

Are collectibles important to you? What do you collect?


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