Feeling my Heart

By: Erin Rose Hennessy

One of my favorite television shows, Scorpion, features a team of geniuses who “tackle worldwide threats only they can solve.” They use their wit and intelligence to get themselves and others through some pretty serious problems. They stopped a dam from bursting and flooding a town. They stopped a nuclear power plant from exploding. They stopped a plane from bursting into flames as it crashed. They saved a man’s life using everyday kitchen ingredients.

While very intelligent, most members of the team have a very low Emotional Quotient (EQ), which makes it more difficult for them to associate with humankind on a compassionate level. Most members of this team are extreme Thinkers. Thinkers make decision based on logic and leave all emotions out of the equation.

I am a Feeler. Like Paige Dineen, the team’s manager, I use my heart to guide in making decisions. I make decisions based on how they will affect me and others. I like everyone to be happy, so I will often take the less “logical” route in order to please the greater amount of people.

When I need to vent about a problem that is bothering me, I often just want a sympathetic listening ear and someone to validate my feelings. I don’t neccessarily need someone to help me “fix it.”

I know I’m a Feeler because I often like the emotional and heartstring-tugging scenes better than the action-packed, problem-solving scenes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Team Scorpion is able to solve the problems, but I find myself re-watching tender scenes much more often!

Once, when I noticed that the grocery store had forgotten to ring up some of my items, I brought them back into the store and paid for them. I just couldn’t have that on my conscience. My mother, a Thinker, just could not understand why I did so – “It was their mistake!” 

A Feeler is full of heart, full of emotion, and lets themselves be guided as such. A Thinker is full of wisdom, full of solutions, and points themselves in a certain direction.

Are you a Thinker or a Feeler? How does it impact your life?

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