Working for the Weekday

By: Emily Eileen Moreshead


It’s Wednesday, folks. Hump Day. Well, well, well, we are halfway through yet another week on the train ride through life. I suppose that is a good thing really but do you ever get the feeling that every day is the same? I do. It often feels that way when we are consumed by the hectic goings-on of daily drudgery. But perhaps it doesn’t have to be that way. Maybe we can see a little more than what we do.

Perspective is a complicated matter. A piece in our puzzle, our toolkit of toiling. That’s the negative Emily that is speaking now. Apologies it often comes off that way first. But perspective can also be an amazing thing. It can propel us into a new world, allowing us to see beyond the dark tunnel. We not only can see the light at the end but perspective can help us reach beyond that too.

Christian Nestell Bovee once stated that ‘Sunday was the ‘poor man’s rich day’ which rings true for a high percentage of us. But we can put the fervor and anticipation of Sunday into every day if only we plan it accordingly. For example, choose a random weekday and do something you have never done before; do something you long to do on Sunday but can’t wait; do something for YOU. Because while we are waiting, life is still moving. Babies don’t wait to be born on weekends. Employees don’t get raises on weekends. There is always something to celebrate, even when not a weekend! Muddle no more! Clear the cobwebs and mask the mundane! Choose to crave a perspective that can be harder to find but more precious to hold.

Working for the Weekend is a fabulous sentiment but we can always find the weekend joy in a small part of our weekday. The search is over and it starts with you.

Will you seek joy on a random day? Did you? How did you feel?

Tell us in the comments.

Work for the Week(day)!working-for-the-weekend

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