Body & Soul

By: Emily Eileen Moreshead

Last week was extremely difficult for me at my job but I plowed through it once again. After a reflective weekend, I came to the conclusion that by neglecting my needs, I was doing a deep disservice to both myself and also those who surround me. It’s not fair to be miserable to others who have their own issues in life.

I haven’t taken a lunch hour in I don’t know how long at the office. I always want to help, control situations that can’t be changed by missing me time. Not good.

Well this week that changed. I decided that in order to feel better, I needed to feed better. It’s not without effort but it is worth it in order to stress less. I don’t want to feel exhausted at noon. I’m tired of being hungry at three and eating garbage all evening. Stress plus lack off fuel makes an awful combination!

I’m looking for lunchbox work ideas, Readers, so please suggest away! I love most fruits and veggies and protein is a must. But I am not a fan of red meat and have a severe allergy to peanut products. Thanks for all your help and please, share your lunch photos. I need all the help I can get! My mood already thanks you. 😉

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