Clearing the Air

By: Emily Eileen Moreshead

‘You won’t understand until you live it .’

‘You just don’t get it.’

‘Life begins after letting go.’

These phrases, all true. But it took me decades to truly comprehend their meanings. But what’s more important is not blaming another soul for ‘mucking up’ the truth and twisting it into a dirty lie. If they do not understand, they are lucky. Perhaps one day the world will turn sour for them in an unexpected way but until then, the utopia they survive in at the moment feels wonderful. It feels so incredible that any attempt to knock them off the proverbial pedestal in which they stand is futile. So I choose not to engage. It lessens the stress and internalization of rage that comes with continuing to argue a position that is ‘not a fair fight.’

If you had asked me this several years ago, my younger self would’ve automatically entered the mode of ‘pushing through my right opinion and forcing it upon others.’ That never works. It only serves to make me miserable. And I don’t deserve melancholy. I’ve lived it long enough, honestly!

If moving taught me anything, it was to let go of the baggage that I carried for decades and did nothing about; it was the clutter that filled space in both my bedroom and my head that was only relieved by purging it all! Argumentative behavior is no longer my go-to even though it takes strength to stifle it! I don’t want to live like that anymore and destroy the life I now have full of peace and calm, a calm that is a welcome change!

So let it go, whatever is holding you back because you’re worth more than the sum of your troubles.





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