Aunt’s Day

By: Emily Eileen Moreshead

The last Sunday of July is my holiday. But you probably didn’t know that. In fact, no one I know does. It’s a little sad. It’s important to have a day to recognize aunts, and especially those known as PANKs (proud aunties, no kids) because unlike parents, we as aunts do not need to get involved in the lives of our siblings’ children. We choose to be involved.

I relish in the time I have with my nieces and nephews, 12 in total although I have great relationships with a select gaggle. There’s nothing better than spending time with that special soul in your life who you only want to love, help take care of and enjoy fun!

My nieces and nephews range in age from 3 to 24 so I can distinctly remember spending weekend afternoons as a teenager taking care of them, creating art projects, sharing my love for 80’s music, and endlessly playing dolls, cars, sidewalk chalk, Lego towers, and the like. It is an unbelievable feeling!

I love being a part of their lives and it’s a beautiful reminder of how life comes full circle when I share my childhood fun with the next generation, and the next…

Aunt’s Day wasn’t always so mainstream and I’m glad that it is becoming more well known not only because it’s nice to feel recognized, but because it’s absolutely heartwarming to feel appreciated. Life is too short to go without saying thank you to those who love you, especially those without obvious obligation. Proud to be as PANK, always, but especially today.

Happy Aunt’s Day to all my fellow aunties and PANKs. Enjoy your special Day! 🤗IMG_20170723_080257_210



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