Staycation Mode

By: Erin Rose Hennessy

Last week, I took my annual staycation. I take one every year- a break to relax and unwind from the hectic world of being an early childhood teacher. A staycation is one of my favorite types of vacations because it’s cheaper than renting a hotel or a plane ticket. I stay at my own home and spend the days touring my city. I love nature, so many of my spots were regional parks in my area, but I also spent time in bookstores, on my bike, taking long walks, and enjoying good food. 

I spent a lot of time by the Mississippi River. There are many trails and parks near the river’s edge. It’s not really “beachy” there, as there isn’t a lot of sand, but skipping rocks into the river is always fun. I took long walks along the river and even waded in a bit. Nature is one of my happy places and I’m so glad I live in an area with an abundance of it.

Waterfalls are an introvert’s dream. Just sitting by them and listening to the water run is so zen and relaxing. I could sit by one all day. Until I got hungry. I’m always hungry!

It is so important for everyone to take time to just be. Find the simple things in life and enjoy what you have. I purchased a new piece of artwork at a nearby store and I think the quote is awesome: Take time to do what makes your soul happy.

That’s what staycation means to me. It’s “me” time – time to recharge and become a better, happier, less stressed out person. Which makes me more fun to be around – and I’m sure my students, coworkers and friends can attest to that!

I’d love to travel someday, when I have enough money. I want to go back to San Francisco, I want to visit the Massachusetts coast, I want to see Ireland, New York City, and many more – but for now, I’m content to staycate and just be comfortable where I am.

Do you ever take staycations? What are your favorite things to do?

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