Social Media Vacation

By: Erin Rose Hennessy

Every December, I step away from social media to enjoy the “real world” during the holiday season. I sign out of Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. (No, I don’t have a Twitter) This year, I’m even uninstalling the apps from my devices!  I’ll admit, the first couple of days are discombobulating, as I keep trying to absently check social media! This, by the way is the first sign one needs to take a break.

There are many perks to a social media vacation.

1) More free time! No, I’m actually serious. Think about how much time per day you’re scrolling Facebook, taking photos for Instagram, etc. Take that time away and you can do other things!

2) Richer interactions with others. When I put my phone down, I’m more involved in what I’m doing and more able to enjoy playing with kids and chatting with others. I can be mentally present.

3) Less stress and anxiety. Because people often share only the good stuff on social media, it can create a picture that’s impossible to achieve. Taking a break from an idealistic portrayal of life and just taking the days as they come is great for mental health!

4) Introspective time. Without social media to distract me, I use the month to think about plans, goals, and ideas for the coming year.

I used to freak out about possibly missing something important, but then I realized that everyone has my cell number or messenger handle. They will let me know if there’s an emergency!

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