Soul Smile

By: Emily Eileen Moreshead

A year ago this month I was packing up my family home to move, the first time in thirty-six years. The most emotional part of that ordeal was, for me, bidding adieu to my 500+ VHS tapes of Days of our Lives. I’ll pause while you laugh or at least roll your eyes. It’s fine. I get it. But to me, those tapes represented a part of my life that I would never get back — the innocence of childhood.

I was twelve when I caught my first episode of DAYS, an accident you might say but that’s how the magic began for me! Now I won’t use this blog to discuss how the mesmerizing hourglass transformed me for the next twenty five plus years but I will use it to discuss how losing those tapes made me miss the carefree hold I had on my childhood memories.

After a tearful goodbye to my tapes I became quite busy with work, the move, things happening with my family and the like yet as the months went by I found myself yearning to watch, if even for a moment, a scene or a couple, or a speech that I had long ago memorized but never forgotten. It hurt my heart that I didn’t have that VHS to hold, to remember, to keep. So I set out trying to find my favorites on DVD, from several sites and trusted vendors that I knew could help me. The magic returned! Now I know that I will never be able to recoup the tapes I had to toss, but a spark ignited in me and I started cherishing the memories I have, the ones I had returned, the pieces of me that make my soul smile.

It really makes me feel happy and that doesn’t happen often to me, the top of the class of Negative Nellies if you will. So if it takes an hour a day to reminisce with a childhood memory, a teenage dreamboat, or a character’s soliloquy  I’ll take it. We need more happiness in this world, especially when it comes to ourselves. It’s harder to keep others feeling loved if you yourself are spent. Relish the wealth upon you first. And that wealth is something that makes your soul smile.







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