New Year’s Day

I usually joke around this time of year about that circulating meme, ‘I should open a place called Resolutions, a gym for the first two weeks of January then a bar for the remainder of the year!’ Hysterical! And yes, the Happy New Year mantras will probably continue to annoy me until they stop around mid-March but I digress…

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right? So without further adieu and because I should probably write these down in order to increase their relevance, here are my hopeful 2018 tries:

I want to take my full lunch hour every work day. Believe me this is much more difficult than  you think because even when I plan to do this, especially in the winter months when it is harder to flee the actual office in bone-chilling cold, I always get interrupted. I have brought books, headphones, DVDs, food, eye masks…I just don’t know HOW I am going to do this but I will give it my best attempt.

Keep that empty coffee jar on my desk and add 1 positive thing to every day. I will start today and maybe that will help curb my instantaneous negativity. I hope!

Choose a focused memory for the day. At 37, it’s obvious that my best years are long behind me so I want to try to remember one past blessing from my past every day and to remember the feelings and happiness that were associated with that moment. It’s all I really have now.

Do more happy things for myself. If watching twenty-five year old episodes of Days of our Lives keeps me from tossing the proverbial glass across the room, I want to do it! It’s important to keep myself grounded and there’s no better serenity for me than listening to vintage music, watching my favorite actors, or memorizing a treasured script.

Happy New Year, Readers! Yes, it’s Jan. 1. And that’s the only day you’ll hear me say that!




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