2018: Connection

By: Erin Rose Hennessy

Happy New Year, everyone! To kick off the new year, I decided to try something new. There’s an idea floating around the web- people will pick a word for the year, just one word to reflect on and use to shape their year. Some want to focus on love, their career, health, family. I have decided to pick one word and mine for 2018 is: connection.

Such a simple word, but there are so many meanings behind it. For me, I want to use this year to strengthen my social connections. Deepen my current relationships, and yes – look for love. I’m tired of being single. The novelty of living alone has worn off. I love my cat and I do enjoy solitude to an extent, but it’s starting to get lonely in this little apartment.

This year, I’ve decided to spend very little time on social media and more time in “real life.” I find that social media robs me of a lot. I haven’t looked at my Facebook “news feed” since November 30th (my nephew’s eighth birthday) and I’ve already seen improvement. Instead of looking at all my Facebook friends’ lives and comparing them to mine, I’ve decided to live my own life and find my own connections.

Social media is a powerful thing – it is a great tool to keep in contact with friends and family who live far away. When debating whether I should get rid of Facebook entirely, my family members and friends in faraway places was the deciding factor in keeping it, but moderating my use. I go on, check my notifications, and log off. I had a lot of anxiety in the beginning about it, because “Oh, my God, what if someone needs to get a hold of me because there’s been some serious accident and……” Then I remind myself, “If someone really needs me – they can still text me or call.” But seriously, text me. Don’t call me. I will immediately think someone’s dead, dying or bleeding from the head, because no one calls me.

For 2018, my vision is a simpler, clearer picture of life – making connections. Getting down and playing with kids. Deep and meaningful conversations with friends and family. Getting out and living my life. Just because I identify as an introvert does not mean I am a hermit or that I hate people! I want to be invited over, to be invited out. I want to get out and do things – explore and connect with friends, family, new acquaintances, and of course, myself.

I’ve also decided to deepen my search for a life partner. And at this point, I’m open to being set up – or at least being connected to someone you think I might enjoy. Let’s face it – I’m terrible at finding dates on my own. I don’t even realize when I’m being flirted with until after the fact when the friend I’m with has pointed it out.

Connection. With others, with my world, and ultimately, with myself. That’s what 2018 is all about for me. How about you? What is your vision for the year?

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