The Power of Positive Thinking

By: Erin Rose Hennessy and Emily Eileen Moreshead

The power of positive thinking. We hear that mantra often and we all strive to practice it but in our stressed, daily lives, it is no easy task! So what can we do? How can we stay focused and away from frustration and anger that stems from chronic busy-ness?
It makes sense to first decide to be positive, even it it takes more patience because for me, (Emily) I know I often lack patience and can use the reminder.

I (Erin) could also use the reminder! It is sometimes hard to remain patient and positive when life throws so many curveballs and hurdles at us. Being an adult is challenging. When I was a kid, I never looked forward to being an adult. Even then I knew how hard it appeared to be to my parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. We’re tasked with so many problems, difficulties, decisions, choices, etc, every single day and if we’re not careful, our thoughts can start to stray into negative territory.

What works for one may not work for another but I find that even carving out thirty minutes a day for me (Emily) can do wonders for my mood. It’s not selfish to have alone time, quiet time, ME time. It is essential and I find it helps keep me grounded. I can’t find positivity in chaos; I need it to come in peace.

I (Erin) agree with Emily. Self-care is an important thing and I sometimes find myself forgetting to make sure I have my needs met as well as my little students, my family, and my friends. So, I try to do little things every day that help me think more positively and be a little more content with my life and everyday stressors. I put out my pajamas for the next night after I get dressed in the morning. I’ll put a little chocolate in my lunch if I know the day’s going to be more stressful. This morning, I didn’t want to get going to go to school on this cold winter Monday, until I reminded myself that when I got there, I could put up our little Christmas tree and we’d decorate the classroom. Little things like that help turn the day into something more positive.

Preparedness definitely eases my (Emily) mind! But keeping a positive mind set is as individualized as we are as people. I believe we need to find what works best for us and even if it takes awhile to find it, it is much healthier for both the body and the soul to feel happier inside and let it radiate to others. We never know who we can help with a smile.

Positive thoughts are as contagious as negative ones. Getting stuck into the spiral of negativity only breeds more negative thoughts. All it takes is one positive thought, one “wait, but what if it works out and everything is wonderful?” to change the mindset. Sure, maybe it’ll be a lot of effort. It’ll take forever and be challenging, maybe. But maybe it will be wonderful and good and amazing and you’ll be so happy you got there – with the power of positive thinking.

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