Current Trends : Yea or Nay?

By: Erin Rose Hennessy and Emily Eileen Moreshead

In modern society, each generation has its own trends. Things that are popular. Things people say, clothes people wear, food people like to eat. Some things never go out of style (pizza!), some things sadly slide out and some things – well, those are better staying away. This blog post is brought to you by the prompt: “What current trends annoy you?”

Erin: One of my biggest pet peeves is “lolspeak.” I HATE it when people abbreviate and use lolspeak in texts. What is so hard about texting: “I’ll see you soon!”? The number of times I get “k” or “lol” or “h8″… drives me crazy. I’m a bit of a grammar police anyway so I prefer using actual correct English even when texting.

Emily: My top annoyances as of late include tardiness because for me there is never an excuse to be late. Leave earlier, period. You would not understand how many patients will call my office claiming they’re late after calling when they’re already late or the ever popular, ‘too much traffic’ excuse, coupled mostly with ‘I was behind a school bus’ and/or weather related conditions.

Erin: Another of my annoyances associated with trends – is the need to collect friends on Facebook and other social media platform. Perhaps it’s an extrovert thing that I can’t understand because I’m not one – but why do you need 2,000 friends on Facebook? I have like 125 right now and I feel like I know each of them and have at least a passing acquaintanceship with them.

Emily: Passing the buck is another gem of my less than favorite generation. Nothing is their fault, not bad grades, not losing or finding a job, not being able to function beyond the age of ten….Excuses will never help anyone! Take ownership of your own life and stop playing the never-ending blame game that goes around and around like a circle with no resolution.

Erin: On that same token, it saddens me to see high school and college students who don’t have a clue how to make a simple meal, do their own laundry, or plunge a toilet. I really appreciate the parents who make an effort to raise future adults. Because thats who their children will be! Please, please, please teach your children basic life skills!

Emily: Another something that makes my blood boil is when certain people you work with seem to have a different set of rules than anyone else, ie: more leeway and more ability to do nothing while on the clock. I try to convince myself that working hard is good for me and my worth ethic but it still rubs me the wrong way…

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, especially about things that have become “societal norms”. It will be interesting to see which of these are here to stay and which of these we can learn from as a species!

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