Why We Write

By: Erin Rose Hennessy and Emily Eileen Moreshead

“Write about why you write.”

Erin: I was intrigued by the prompt for this evening. It’s so broad and generic but it also really makes me think about why I like writing. I have always loved words and the English language. I taught myself to read at age three and it wasn’t much longer before I was telling stories for my Dad to dictate on the typewriter (yes, I did just age myself there). I think one of the biggest reasons I love to write so much is because I have a gigantic imagination and need to explore and create other worlds.

Emily: I was seven when I wrote my first story, complete with illustrations. It was a little dark of a subject matter for a child but because I always strayed a bit away from the norm, I suppose it fit me. I remember being very excited to show my sisters and to read it, explaining each picture. Why I write is because I think I have it in my nature to do so, it is a feeling I have that makes me want to get a story out of my mind.

Erin: Some people have told me that they write to share their ideas with others, but the opposite is true for me. I write for myself, because of an innate need to get my thoughts out on paper. Writing both excites and relaxes me. Writing is a wonderful way to wind down after a busy day but also a way to start out my day as well. I didn’t wake up one day and decide to become a writer. Writing is as much me as my brown hair and my love for chocolate – it just is.

Emily: I used to offer to write school papers for my older sister and I was pretty good at it too! She is nearly six years older but it was such a rush for me to pen a college paper when I was barely in high school! It makes me feel happy and it helps calm the swirl of ideas in my mind when I’m able to pen my thoughts and leave my mark on another writer or fellow reader.

Erin: I also write because when I create characters in my mind, the story is just one of the places where they truly come to life. I enjoy the richness of creating complex characters to know and love. I don’t just give my characters a name, age, and occupation – I give them hopes, fears, passions, likes and dislikes. I also love discovering new things about my own characters. Yes, I created them, but as I progress through a story or a series, other little things pop up to create a richer background.

Emily: As a writer I feel like being an introvert definitely helps me because I know I have a keener sense of the world and that helps me to be able to envision various times, places, people and put characteristics to them from those I know and love and those I may not not know or despise even!

We have many reasons to write! What about you, readers and fellow writers? Why do you put pen to paper?

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