An Open Letter

By: Emily Eileen Moreshead

If you’re going through a difficult time in your life or just feel like you’re at a crossroads, this open letter is for you.

Dream. Don’t ever stop and don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t make your dreams reality, no matter what they are. Life moves pretty quickly and with so many twists and turns we cannot ever imagine will be so how could anyone else see YOUR future?

Trust. Believe in the inner power of yourself because you are the biggest champion of what you need and when you need it. No one else knows how you feel so it is up to you to make yourself the biggest truth teller you know. Be honest, be loving, be forgiving.

Priority.  Every day there is always something, someone unexpected that will turn an average day into unanticipated chaos. This one is very difficult for me personally but it is imperative that I make time for me and me alone at least for one hour every day. I need it. You need it. Don’t you think that loving yourself and pampering yourself should be just as important as doing the same for everyone else in your life?

Stillness. I’m working as I write this, well, hoping to gain more than a ten minute break but alas, we shall see! I needed to pause, look around, and understand why I am where I am. I needed to be within me.

Time. Take the time to breathe every day, to reflect on what you have accomplished. And that could mean what you did today, yesterday, so far in life. There will always be something to do, somewhere to be but no one ever leaves this life wishing they had less time.

Memory. We can’t truly be ourselves without what Fred Rogers (03/20/1928-02/27/2003) very fondly once said were ‘those that loved us into being’ so it’s important to recall the time we have had with people in our lives who may still be here and those who may not. Remember the times. The good, the bad, and the in-between too.










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