On April Showers

April showers bring May flowers is the old adage but is it really true? Is April the ‘November’ of spring? Is it just a month to get through and not to enjoy? Or is it still viable enough to awaken us?

Erin: I for one love April. It’s a time of rebirth and regrowth. Sure, it can be wet, but I love the sound of the rain. Especially when I’m just relaxing or in bed falling asleep. I also love seeing the trees sprout their new buds, the animals who have crawled out of their habitats to enjoy the warming air, and the brown grass of March turning a vibrant April green.

Emily: One of my favorite peeps was born in April – my oldest niece. Yet April has always reminded me of T.S. Eliot when he stated, ‘April is the cruelest month’. I have had a lot of personal bad luck in the month so it’s not sunshine and flowers for me but I do see the renewal in the season, if only after what is usually snowmeggedon.

Erin: Although, it seems that Minnesota has decided that April needed more snow. Yes, it has snowed the last few Aprils in my home state. I would prefer that not become the norm! To me, snow is lovely for the first month or two. It’s nice to have a white Christmas. I’m even okay with a sugary Valentines’ snow. But snow in late March? April? Ew, May? (Yes, Minnesota has seen May snow!) I’m hoping this April snow is just a weird fluke of nature.

Emily: I wish April was summer. Ha! But I guess I really wish I could control the weather when I can’t. But as long as it’s not freezing or snowing, it’s a good day. I’ll take sun, showers, fog, but not snow. April, be less cruel.

Erin: But, the best thing to me about April is that spring is that much closer. The rain will soon end, and the flowers will bloom, the butterflies will be fluttering, and the summer evening bike rides and eating ice-cream by the lake is about to commence!

Emily: So perhaps April isn’t as “cruel” as I think, and perhaps instead it’s a month full of undiscovered potential, the beginnings of a season of hope, faith, and transformation!

As with most things in life, there are both positive and negative things about April! What about you, readers? What are your thoughts on April?

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