Misunderstood Musings

By: Emily Eileen Moreshead

Do you ever feel that certain people will never understand the essence of you no matter how hard you try to “get them to understand”?

‘There are just some people that we need to learn to love from only a distance.’

Well, here’s a piece of advice from a low rung Gen X’er/early born Xennial. Stop trying. 
You cannot reason with a person who is committed to misunderstanding you, every step you take, every move you make, every breath you take …(thanks, ‘The Police’). And quite honestly, these people are not worth your time. Now they may be relatives, friends, acquaintances, but I emphatically repeat that those who do not make a conscious effort to know you, are not worth your time and your effort.
This is me, folks.
I hate small talk. I don’t like going to parties. Shooting the breeze for no other reason than to waste time really annoys me. I like to control my times. I get up at a certain time, eat meals at a certain time, work at a certain time, etc. Etc. I like to know when something starts and when it ends. Open ended plans cause me anxiety and stress. I don’t like to be around adults who behave like children nor do I like to spend my time with those who believe they are measured by the way they look, by the job they do, or how much money they have.
I observe more than I speak. I will watch the same television scene more than several times to get the feel and the emotion of it because all of that comes secondary to the words characters say. To some that is being “weird” or “obsessive” but to each his own. I like exploring beneath the surface of people, characters to get to the raw material that they hide.
I make no apologies. If I said it I meant it. Perhaps it could’ve been stated better as I admit that tact isn’t one of my strong points, but if I say something I stand behind it. There’s an old episode quote from a 1990’s television show that I always loved, ‘if you make a decision that you truly believe is the right decision for you at the time, then it’s a good decision.’ Truth.
In closing, I just want to say that it is 100% a good thing that there is only one me in this world, and only one you, and only one unique soul in each of us. Take time to get to know the souls around us but take the most time getting to know the one that lies within yourself. No one is more important to you than you. And you are spending your entire life with yourself so don’t you think it’s time you appreciated that person?

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