Disclaimer: This post speaks of sensitive issues. Do not read if you are easily offended.

That’s what’s going to be the death of humanity.

Not global warming, not the glaciers, not random alien robot attacks, not asteroids.


We, right now, as a world, are contributing to the death of people.

I look at the world and I don’t see a whole lot of hope for the future. And when we think we just might be achieving it, it gets squashed like a bug by another human being. Take this morning for example. I’ve been in need of some serious downtime (I blame the weather and the holidays), so I decided to take a walk in the freshly fallen snow, hoping to gain perspective and a couple of nice snow pictures.

But no, I was verbally accosted by some dude because I took pictures of his tree. His tree had some pretty Christmas baubles on it and I thought they were nice. I saw people standing around close by and I hesitated. My brain told me not to do it, but I decided to do it anyway because they were pretty and I needed some enjoyment.

That was squashed in 20 seconds by the man telling me he wasn’t going to charge me for the photos.

I was polite, respectful (unlike him), told him how much I liked his pretty decorations, but when I walked away, I was furious.

Dude, do you own the street? Do you own the sidewalk? Are you actually so miserable in your own life that you care that someone is taking pictures for their own enjoyment?

I would absolutely understand if I walked up to their windows and took pictures of the inside. I would even understand not taking pictures of their house as a whole. But to be so intolerant, you can’t allow someone three seconds of peace to take a picture?

When did the world become one that people just can’t tolerate the existence of others? Instead of being nice, civil, or at least leaving people alone if you don’t agree with them, we have to harass, judge, criticize, beat them down. Attack them with bombs because we don’t like their politics. Shoot them because we don’t like their behavior.

The world isn’t going to end because of some global, climate catastrophe.

People are going to do it. The world is going to end because we are a terrible example of the human race and we can all do better. We need to do better if our children and grandchildren are going to even have a chance to grow up in this world.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again.

You don’t have to like everyone. You’re not going to like everyone. You should love them anyway.

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