Things We Miss

By: Erin Rose Hennessy

At the writing of this post, Minnesotans have now officially been quarantined for 21 days – and social distanced for 2.5 weeks prior to that. All the talk of “we’ll adjust to the new norm” has gone out the window. There is no normal. I have changed/adjusted my “quarantine routine” about six times. I’ve tossed my “healthy eating” diet I started in January out the window. If I eat one vegetable a day, I’m happy. I’ve gone to my essential part-time job, I’ve done puzzles, I’ve built Legos, I’ve gone on walks. We had amazing pork roast for Easter, baked to perfection by my brother-in-law. I’ve had weekly Virtual Happy Hours. Today, my nephew turns seven years old and is having a Virtual Birthday Party tonight.

There are so many things I miss now. I want my normal life back. I miss going to the bookstore, taking myself out to eat, hanging out with my friends, shopping with my mom. I miss the people I saw every day or every week. I go to the grocery store in a homemade mask once a week – and then find myself counting the days until I get to go to the grocery store again. Outside of my essential employment, that’s the only time I (like most others) get to be in public.

I’ve been thinking about my plans once we’re done being quarantined and socially distant and are allowed to go back to our normal lives – or what is left of them. I have decided it is very likely I won’t return to my old job if asked, at least not long-term. I realized that I was in an unhappy place for a very long time and only recently started to like where I was – only to have it ripped away by coronavirus. It’s time for me to take control and find my happy place on my own. Other goals – go out to eat, go to the bookstore. We had planned to go to Denver (supposed to be there right now, actually) and then it had to be canceled. We can use the credit to go anywhere else – and we’re considering going back to California. Sacramento is truly a happy place for me.

What do you miss? What are your plans for once quarantine is over?

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